What is AppMatch?

With millions of apps in the app store, it's hard to find the good ones.
AppMatch aims to solve this problem by genuinely getting to know you and
then recommending apps that enhance and upgrade your life.

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Our Values

Here are a few of the things that we hold dear and that inform all of our
decision-making as a company, from app selecttion to question writing.



AppMatch is dedicated to bringing you
apps that enhance your privacy. Apps are
thoroughly vetted for privacy practices,
and apps that weaken your privacy versus
strengthen it are not allowed into our
ecosystem. Period.


Screen Time

AppMatch believes that humans spend
too much time staring at screens. One of
our company's goals is to help our users
spend less time, but richer time, on their
devices. We actively reject apps that are
designed to suck you in for eternity.


Great Apps

AppMatch recommends great apps.
Period. What makes an app great? A great
design. A great policy with respect for your data. Repeat-use value. Uniqueness.
Functionality. Intuitiveness. A level of
advertising that is not obnoxious. A price
that is worth it.

We take your data seriously

Aside from the anonymized aggregate that we share with developers, we do not share user data with any third party and we do not sell any data that our company collects to any third party.

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We're hiring!

We're looking for writers, coders, designers, and app lovers who like to dream big. Interested?
Send your resume along with a few of your favorite apps to jobs@appmatch.com